Need cash fast in Lutterworth? Feel you've run out of options due to a poor credit history?

Here at Car Cash Loans Lutterworth we believe that no-one that needs a cash loan should be turned down based on a simple computer credit check, whatever their circumstances are.

Whatever your credit history is, we won’t judge, we’ll simply rate you on your ability to afford a loan based on the trade value of your car, van, motorbike, caravan, motorhome or quad bike. So you can borrow up to £50,000 over 36 months with affordable repayments. The money can be in your bank account within 60 minutes of approval and you still get to use your vehicle during the entire agreement. What’s not to like?

Welcome to Car Cash Loans, Lutterworth.

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Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems.

For help or advice please go to

Please take time to read and understand our FAQ’s to ensure our logbook loan product is suitable for your requirements.

The loan agreements for Car Cash Loan starts from 12 months to a maximum term of 36 months. You are entitled to settle your loan early and there are no penalties or charges to do so.

The maximum APR is 606.3% (Based on £272 over 12 months) which includes all fees associated with your loan contract.

In the event there is no willingness to repay your loan, the vehicle you are using as security could be at risk of being repossessed and sold to assist in settling the debt.

At Car Cash Loan Lutterworth we believe getting a cash loan in Lutterworth should be easy and stress-free. That’s why we consider county court judgments (CCJ’s) and poor credit history when we loan someone money. As long as you own your car which is clear of finance and you can afford the loan payments, we can loan you up to the trade value – there really are no hidden catches.

A logbook loan is a loan secured on your vehicle, you can continue to use your vehicle as long as you keep up with the repayments. Offering your vehicle as security avoids the need for drawn-out background checks and can mean the money is in your account within a matter of hours.

We are totally dedicated to ensuring that no matter what your situation is and no matter when you need to call us, we promise you that you will always feel cared for and really well looked after by our Car Cash Loans team.

Discover how we care for you here at Car Cash Loans Lutterworth.

YOU can always speak to a ‘real person’ here at Car Cash Loans

YOU are our No.1 priority so there is always a real, caring person, with expert knowledge, waiting to help you work out what your best options are and to get your cash loan paid into your account quickly.

The last thing you need are ‘rip-off’ sales people over selling!

We always review whether you can afford the loan repayments and will never sell a loan you cannot afford.

We Won’t Judge You On Your Credit History!

Which means even if you’ve got CCJ’s or a poor credit history, we can still lend you the money you need and you can choose to pay it weekly or monthly depending on what suits you best.

You Can Choose The Length of Your Agreement from 12 months to 36 months

You are in full control of how much you pay, what your monthly payments are and how long your monthly payments last for. If you want to borrow the cash for 12 months you can, or if you want as low a monthly payment as possible, you can choose to borrow the money over 36 months.

You Keep Your Car, Van, Motorbike, Caravan or Motorhome

We don’t trick our customers into signing an agreement and then take their vehicle. You continue to keep and use the vehicle, but the loan is secured against it.

You Can Get Your Cash Within 60 Minutes Of Approval in Lutterworth

When you need cash quickly, up to £50,000, we can help. We can get you a decision quickly and the cash in your bank account within the hour.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Our Customers Love Us

Car Cash Loans is rated 4.5 out of 5 from 625 verified reviews on Feefo as of 23rd April 2018.

Your log bookloans experts are waiting to help you in Lutterworth.

We have an experienced team who have been working with Car Cash Loans for some time, helping to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. All of our team understand how difficult it can be to get a loan if you have a poor credit history and they are on hand to help you through the process.

Once your application has been accepted, we will arrange for one of our local representatives to meet you, typically same day, check the vehicle & sign the documents. Then once approved we will transfer the cash into your account within 60 minutes.

Our experts are just one of the many reasons why we have so many happy logbook loan customers not just in Lutterworth, but all across England.

But don’t just take our word for it, read all the great reviews we get from our customers on Feefo.

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Don’t just take our word for it

The 3 huge mistakes most people make when they are looking for a cash loan and how to avoid these pitfalls

Calling a company that charges a fee upfront to find you a loan

There are many companies out there that promise the world and deliver nothing but charge you a fee for doing so! Not us!! We do not charge any set up fees or arrangement fees. We’re a direct lender, not a broker. Whilst we look at your credit score, this is just one of many factors we consider, we don’t judge you. Most importantly, we assess your ability to comfortably afford the repayments.

Calling a Company That Isn’t FCA Approved

It’s against the law for a company to loan money without FCA approval. Car Cash Loans are FCA approved and our FRN number is 679836. But that doesn’t stop us being more flexible than banks and other credit providers in deciding who we will lend money to.

Calling a Company That Will Only Loan The Money If You Give Them A Good Enough Reason

Some lenders will only loan you the money if you give them a good enough reason. A Logbook loan from Car Cash Loans can be used for any purpose as long as it is legal. You do not have to give a reason for the loan and can spend the money as you wish.

Follow our simple 3-step-logbook-loan-help-system to get your cash loan today:

Step 1:

Apply For Your Logbook Loan

You can either call us on the number above or apply online. You’ll need to be the legal owner of your vehicle, receive a regular income, this can be benefit income (excluding JSA) and be able to demonstrate that you can afford the repayments.

Step 2:

We’ll Come Out To See You

We’ll come out to see you the same day and talk you through your logbook loan agreement. You’ll also need the following documents:

  • The V5 logbook for your vehicle.
  • MOT, insurance and tax documents.
  • Photo ID such as a passport or driving license.
  • POA dated within the last 2 months, e.g. utility bill, mobile bill, benefit letters etc.
  • Bank statements for the last two months.
  • If you are self-employed you will also need payslips or invoices for the last two months.

Step 3:

Cash In Your Bank

A typical logbook loan from Car Cash Loans will be processed and approved on the same day you apply for it. Once you provide the required documents and sign the paperwork the money is transferred to your account within the hour.

How can I borrow money against the trade value of my car?

A lot of people don’t realise that they can borrow up to the trade value of their car in a cash loan. But logbook loans are fast becoming the popular choice for people in Lutterworth that need a cash loan of up to £50,000 when they’ve got a poor credit history.

So how does a logbook loan work?

Under the terms of the agreement, you can continue to keep and use your vehicle but Car Cash Loans Lutterworth will remain the legal owner of your vehicle until you have repaid the sums under the agreement. We simply use the security of your car against the value of the loan, enabling us to be more flexible than some high-street lenders that will base their decision on a computer-based credit check only.

Do I need to be employed to apply for a loan?

No, we consider income from both employment & benefits (excluding JSA). We also consider self-employed applicants, we simply require payslips / recent invoices to support.

What if I have CCJs or a bad credit rating?

With a Logbook loan from Car Cash Loans, it is the car that provides security. This means at Car Cash Loans, we can be more flexible than banks and other credit providers in deciding who we will lend money to. If you own the vehicle and can afford the repayments then a poor credit rating need not be a barrier to getting a loan.

What if I already have finance on the car?

Logbook loans are not a suitable solution if you already have outstanding finance on your vehicle. A loan application under these circumstances is unlikely to be successful. If, however, the finance is close to being repaid in full it may be worth getting in touch with us to discuss your options.

Are old cars accepted?

Yes, we lend against a car, bike, van etc of any age providing it’s roadworthy.

How much can you borrow in Lutterworth?

A Logbook loan from Car Cash Loans usually allows you to borrow anything from £550 to £50,000, depending on the value of the vehicle. At Car Cash Loans we responsibly take into account how much you can reasonably afford to pay when deciding on the amount we are prepared to lend.

Will it affect your credit score?

Applying for and taking out a loan secured on your vehicle will have no effect on your credit rating, as long as you make your repayments on time.

Who will know you have taken out a loan?

The application process for a Logbook Loan from Car Cash Loans is strictly confidential in Lutterworth. In the vast majority of cases, your employer will not need to be contacted. If there are exceptional circumstances that require us to speak to your employer, we must first get your permission to do so anyway.

How you will receive the loan?

Your money is normally paid directly into your bank account shortly after you sign the Car Cash Loans agreement. In many cases, it will be in your account and cleared within 60 minutes, although some banks may take longer to process the payment.

We’ll arrange an appointment with you and send one of our representatives out to you to agree the loan and get your money within 60 minutes of approval

Borrowing money is a serious commitment, no matter how you do it. It is important to be aware of what can happen if you don’t meet your repayment obligations and then make no effort to settle the loan by other means.

• You could potentially face legal action and may lose your vehicle.

• Your credit rating could be adversely affected.

Do you need cash fast in Lutterworth? But feel you have run out of options due to a poor credit history

Apply online or call us

Tell us how much you’d like to borrow and provide information about your car

We’ll arrange for one of our representatives to meet you to inspect the vehicle & sign the document

And remember, we’ll give you all the options available, so you can choose what’s right for you.

Apply for your Logbook

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Remember we can help you with all these:

Need a cash loan of up to £50,000 but have been rejected by a computer based credit rating?

Got a poor credit history or CCJ’s?

Want easy to manage monthly or weekly equivalent payments? Choose from 12 months to 36 months to repay your Logbook loan from Car Cash Loans in Lutterworth.

We aim to beat any written quote from any other logbook lender operating in the UK market today.

Repaying your logbook loan Lutterworth.

Here at Car Cash Loans we make it easy for you to repay your loan. We’ll set-up a weekly or monthly repayment plan, using a Continuous Payment Arrangement (CPA) . Payments are then collected automatically and if the CPA does not go through, the payment can also be made by cash or with a cheque.

Are the Interest rates fixed or will they change?

The interest on a Logbook loan from Car Cash Loans is a flat rate which is fixed at the time of taking out the loan. The rate doesn’t change during the lifetime of the loan, leaving you free to plan ahead and budget with confidence.

What are your Repayment Options?

The repayment periods for a logbook loan typically ranges from 16 to 36 months. If you want to reduce the period of the loan to save on interest you can make higher repayments at any time, and there isn’t a penalty for doing this.

Can you make early repayments?

You can choose to repay your Car Cash Loans loan in Lutterworth in full at any time at no extra costs.

Are top-ups available on current logbook loans?

If you need additional funds you may be able to apply for a top-up loan. This will depend on whether you have kept up to date with your repayments for a reasonable length of time and become a trusted, reliable customer. You will also need to show that you can afford the new contractual repayments.

Can’t make the repayments? Contact us.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call us at Car Cash Loans as soon as you realise you have a problem. We offer a range of options to customers having difficulty in making the payments and we’ll assess your situation and discuss potential payment arrangements in a reasonable way.

Need cash fast but have run out of options due to a poor credit history in Lutterworth?

Apply online or call us

Tell us how much you’d like to borrow and provide information about your car

We’ll arrange for one of our representatives to meet you to inspect the vehicle & sign the documents

And remember, we’ll give you all the options available, so you can choose what’s right for you.

Apply for your Logbook

01455 817 587

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team now


IF YOU BORROW £850 over 18 months at a flat rate of 132% per annum (fixed) with a representative 450.5% APR

YOU WILL OWE 17 monthly payments of £140.72 and 1 payment of £140.76, repaying £2,533.00 in total Minimum loan term is 12 months, maximum loan term is 36 months. The interest we charge is directly related to the length of time you have your loan.

* Payment by bank transfer once application approved, subject to our working hours of Monday to Friday: 8 am to 8 pm and Saturday 8 am to 5 pm.

Warning: Late repayments can cause you serious money problems. For help or advice please go to